© Gemini Web Design 2013 Monday July 1st Just finished a new and updated site for Jon Lisle-Summers, artist and sculptor. Recently returned to the UK after a few years in France, Jon is bursting with new ideas. Check out Jon’s web site here: Jon Lisle-Summers. Monday July 1st We are very happy to announce the official launch of a completely new site and venture for POD, a Paranormal investigative trio. Built with the very popular Wordpress (and even hosted on their platform), this site shows just what you can do on a tight budget. The site allows its followers to contribute to the discussion and share experiences . Take a look at their web site here: POD Paranormal Squad  Monday July 8th The latest update for SIS, the installation and troubleshooting specialists for all TV, Computing and Multimedia in Cambrisgeshire launches. Again, using Wordpress but this time from a dediacted host, this site has full functionality for Skype, Calendar and Social Media as well as everything you come to expect from a web site. Please take a look here: SIS